The Baby Dreamer diaper backpack is made in a Danish minimalistic design. All the functions has been incoorporated very descreed in the bag so you wont noticed the main purpose of the bag, changing dirty diapers. It also gives the bag a longer life as you can use it as a normal backpack as well.


The unisex look makes the bag suitable for both mom and dad. Now a days the dad plays a bigger part in taking care of the little ones like taking paternaty leave. So why is there still so many "mommy bags" on the marked? Our diaper backpack has been very popular among the guyes wich we see as a very positive sign in men taking more part in the baby project. You go guys!


The diaper bag has one big main pocket with 6 smaller pockets inside. One is suitable for the computer if you use it as a normal backpack. Outside is an easy-to-access pocket for the phone, keys etc. On the side you have a strap to use over the stroller stear or as a cross over bag. The other side has two adjustable straps. They are great to hang wet stuff on like towels, clothes or burb clothes.


If you zip the backpack fully open it transforms into a nursery station with a changing mat and the diapers, wetnapkins etc right next to you easy to access. 


Wash the bag with water and soap if getting dirty. Not suatable for machine wash.


🌱 ♻️ Cork Edition

SKU: 429
€ 170,00Price
    • Made in cork 
    • Warm and soft touch
    • Vegan
    • Front chest buckle system
    • Works like leather
    • Minimalistic Nordic design
    • Unisex design
    • Built in changin pad
    • Water repellent 
    • Strong material
    • Hang it on the stroller stear. Max length 100cm
    • 6 easy to access pockets
    • Reflex front logo
    • Size: 46x30x16 cm