The Baby Dreamer diaper backpack came to life in 2017 in Copenhagen. The year before Matilde, the woman behind, set her mind to make the greatest diaper bag.


"I saw my friends juggling a baby on one arm, diaper bag on the other arm and a backpack on the back, because one bag wasn't enough. I saw them balancing down their narrow Copenhagen apartment stairs with hands full. Cause when you set out to the streets of Copenhagen with your baby and the stroller, you don't know if you end up at a cafe or in a park, so you better be prepared for any situation. 

My mind started to roll, there must be a better and smarter solution to this scenario. I wanted to create a minimalistic diaper bag with all the functions needed. 

- spacious 

- water repellent

- unisex design that would suit the fathers as well

- built in changing mat so you don't forget to pack it

- carry on the bag

- hang on the stroller stear 

- use as a cross over bag

- shouldn't scream "diaper bag" so you can use it as a normal backpack as well and create a longer life for the bag"

The costumers have been receiving the bag very well and the general comment we get is "THAT IS SO SMART". In 2018 we had the bag design registred for the uniq design solution. The goal in 2019 is to keep all the materials of the bag as sustainable as possible. The word sustainable is a very complex concept but we are forever learning new and better ways to optimize the cradle to cradle cycle in our production.

We think a lot in different eco-friendly materials and not just one kind of fabric. We have our black recycled polyester bag that has a strong and long lasting durability that can follow you for many years.

Our newest member is the black cork edition witch has been very popular. It has all the advantages of leather but is actually vegan and come from cork trees wich you can harvest from many years, kind of cool right? Read more about it here