The Danish brand, Baby Dreamer, was founded in 2017 by Matilde Ø. Hansen.

She was working as a hair and makeup artist and used to organize and pack smart when traveling with her makeup kit. The idea behind the smart diaper backpack started from there. She saw her friends juggling baby and several bags out of the door each time they left the house. 


“My thought was, I really need to design a smarter solution for when I have kids of my own”



Our mission in Baby Dreamer is to make smart baby/parenting gear for the adventurous families.


We want to make it easier to keep pursuing the next family adventure, big or small, with your new little family. Let's face it, Leaving the house with kids can be a challenge. You need to think of all the scenarios you can bump into and pack for that. With a diaper bag that is easy to organize, you are able to leave the house more smooth and easy for new adventures.


What characterize the Baby Dreamer diaper backpack is the minimalistic unisex design which you often see in Danish design. We wanted to stick with our Danish DNA and keep the design minimalistic as well as multifunctional. This is also what makes the Baby Dreamer a long lasting travel companion as a work bag, a weekend bag etc. always ready for the next adventure.


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